Your Kickstart Application
Thank you for filling in the 1st form! Your application requires you to answer a few final questions.
We will review your answers before sending them to DWP.
Please disclose as much information as possible, especially about the size of your current workforce and workforce changes.
Additional Questions from the DWP
Please note: Kickstart Scheme is looking to create work placements which otherwise will not be created. In order to ensure that, please answer the following questions so we can proceed with the next steps. This is done to ensure that the Employer (i) does not replace existing or planned vacancies, and (ii) does not cause the existing employees, apprentices or contractors to lose work or reduce their working hours.
Your company name
What is the location of your job placements?
How many people do you currently employ and how many of your employees are paid via PAYE?
Were there any changes to your workforce in the last 6 months? If so, what were the reasons (redundancies/changes to hours worked)? Please also give us the number of people affected by those changes, as well as their roles, functions and average salary.
If you were able to create your job placements without Kickstart Scheme funding, what funding source would you use?
What recruitment have you completed, started or paused in the last 6 months? How similar were these vacancies to your job placements via Kickstart Scheme? If similar, why are you using Kickstart Scheme funding to create similar roles?
Have you engaged with any relevant trade unions? If so, what advice those unions have given you?