September 27th, 2020, ONLINE/LONDON
International Student Careers in the UK Conference
What are the potential career pathways you can take?
What industries hire you?
What about the immigration bits, how this will work out for you?

Hear from high calibre speakers about what careers are possible in their fields, what their businesses look like from the inside, what they look for when hiring students to join them, and the latest trends in employment.

We also have immigration lawyers to speak about what immigration pathways are possible for you to proceed with a career in the UK after your studies ended - so you will have more clarity on what's next.
The juiciest lessons learned, from smartest people, at the best companies on building your career in the UK.
Fedor Pankratov
Goldman Professionals, employability on visas.
Inna Semeniuk
Sterling Law, Tier 2 & Tier 5 visas.
Aliya Rimshelis
Sterling Law, Global Talent visas.
Michael Iatsukha
Sterling Law, Startup/Innovator & Sole Business Representative Visas.
More amazing speakers to come soon!
Startup founders, student society employability champions, those sharing 1st hand experience of obtaining work/business visas after graduation.
Early-bird student ticket. Limited to the first 200 tickets.
Regular student price - £5.
If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please feel free to contact us.
We're really excited about our hosts, and are looking forward to seeing presentations about student employability the way they're truly meant to be experienced.
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