Skilled Worker Visa
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The Skilled Worker Visa is aimed at overseas skilled workers who have been offered a position in a UK company which holds a sponsorship licence. The new visa has replaced the Tier 2 Visa changing some of the key requirements for obtaining the visa.

If you are a prospective employee, you might be eligible for the Skilled Worker Visa.

While if you are a UK firm looking to hire internationals, you may obtain the license.
Skilled Worker Route is Suitable for You if You Are:
UK University student or a recent graduate on a visa, thinking about securing a job.
Young professional, thinking about changing employment on a work visa.
Someone looking to relocate to the UK who needs a work visa, but not sure where to start.
UK-based business willing to hire international talent, especially if you are considering to hire university students and need a license.
What Skilled Worker Visa Will Give You?
Work Permit
Under the Skilled Worker Visa, you will have a right to work full time on your main occupation, and you will be able to work for up to 20 hours/week in an additional job.
You will be able to extend your work visa for a total of 5 years as long as you have a relevant job offer.
After 5 years on the Skilled Worker Visa, you will be able to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain, which will lead to the UK citizenship.
You will be able to bring your partner and children as dependants, and their visas will be valid for their entire duration of your visa.
Visa Requirements
License Requirements
  • Genuineness
    Your company is a genuine organisation. Your company must also be solvent.
  • Vacancy
    The role being offered is a credible vacancy that meets the relevant skill level and appropriate rates of pay.
  • Staff
    Your company meets immigration compliance duties through HR processes and systems.
How We Can Help You?
  • Assessment of Your Case
    We will do a thorough examination of your application to ensure you satisfy all criteria to get the Skilled Worker Visa or License.
  • Legal Assistance
    We will take care of all relevant legal aspects, ensuring your application is successful.
  • Full Support
    We will support you throughout the whole process, providing detailed up-to-date advice on all matters.
  • License
    If you are a UK firm looking to hire internationals, we will help you get the relevant license.
Do Not Have a Job Offer Yet?
We can assist you with securing a job in the UK and obtaining the Skilled Worker Visa by helping you with CV, Cover Letter, interviews and many more.
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