WaaS -
Get Remote Skilled Workforce... Cheaper!

  • On average cheaper by 20%+ than hiring directly
  • All hiring & related HR admin for no extra cost
  • Simply pay a monthly wage
  • Discontinue at any time
WaaS Explained
Facts & Features of Worker-as-a-Service Initiative
· New initiative to help UK businesses grow with the power of fully-remote workforce.
· We find the talent for you, ensure they meet your needs.
· You only pay a monthly fee lower than UK market average.
Who is the worker?
· Top university graduates with <3 years of relevant experience looking for office-type jobs on a fully remote basis.
· We can arrange for custom hiring on demand.
According to GRB, average cost of hiring a graduate in 2020 was
£7,771 for small employers, £3,624 for medium-sized companies.

See GRB website
Why Choose WaaS?
Cheaper, better way to grow your business
  • On average at least 25% cheaper than hiring directly*
  • You don't need to match-make National Minimum Wage.
  • No other admin or payments apart from the wage itself.
  • Setup & initial basic training done by Goldman Professionals team.
*we will match-make what you are willing to offer as a salary and make it at least 25% cheaper for your business. For example, average graduate salary in 2021, inclusive of employer NI contributions is £24,112, plus admin costs with hiring, setup, accountants etc. For these roles, we can offer £18,000 (£1,500 per month) annual contracts inclusive of all these costs.
Convenient placement terms
  • Flexible, minimum term 1 month.
  • Simple contract, we take responsibility for all related compliance with the relevant UK laws.
  • We conduct all recruitment for you.
  • Once you agree to take on the worker, you pay 1 monthly payment.
  • Quick replacements if you don't like anything.
Optimise Your Business With WaaS!
    You won't have to pay for HR personnel designing vacancy & publishing it.
    You won't have to pay for them reviewing, selecting candidates or conducting interviews.
    No more admin fees related to onboarding (signing contracts, reviewing legal, background checks, setup);
    No admin costs related to ongoing responsibilities (PAYE accounting, employee perks, employee wellbeing etc);
    If we look at legal disputes in Employment Tribunal, average employer faces more than £8,500 in legal costs in the UK (according to 2017 British Chamber of Commerce data, and it keeps increasing). WaaS ensures you have none.
WaaS Also Means:
  • Done-for-You Solution
    WaaS is a turnkey solution with no upfront cost. We find you the worker, we do initial interviews, we conduct due diligence and provide basic training (compliance, GDPR etc).

  • Fully Remote Employees
    The worker will be operating on a fully remote basis. Yes, you will get a real person, not a robot to help you grow your business. Yes, we will make sure this person who he/she claims to be as part of the selection process. Yes, we can ensure that the person is highly motivated & capable of working efficiently.
  • Quality Assurance
    We are assuring for quality control for the whole duration of workers placed in your organisation - meaning if you don't like anything, if there are any problems - we will be there to fix things quickly for you.
  • Huge Savings
    If you are already advertising for a role, we can match-make with at least a 20% discount for wage plus no admin, recruitment, etc. fees attached. The pure costs for your business are at least 25% lower with us VS conducting yourself or using any known 3rd parties. For example, instead of paying a graduate a £25K annual salary and spending several grand in setup, admin, NI taxes, etc. you will get a monthly fee amounting to under £20K per year.
  • Full Legal Compliance
    WaaS if fully compliant and we assume legal responsibilities to all key matters related to employment. Please read the contracts.
  • Well-Equipped Employees
    Your new worker will be equipped with a new work laptop with pre-installed employee-monitoring software as well as with a UK work phone number.
WaaS Interest Form
NOTE: If you are not sure how to answer any of the questions below, please write "Not sure" in the Answer Box, submit the application as it is and we will get in touch to discuss these points with you.
Marketing Assistant - 35hrs/week- ASAP; Business Researcher - 40hrs/week - 1st January 2022.
OPTIONAL: Link to job description online OR Job descriptions of the placements you intend to provide, including core responsibilities. We will work on those together later.
General Terms
Filling in this form does not guarantee that we can help you - we will get in touch to discuss next steps and will confirm everything in writing.
Please refer to WaaS Terms & Conditions below.