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What is Portugal HQA Visa?
Where? Bragança Region, Portugal
Investment: €175.000
Our new immigration solution aims to provide our clients with an opportunity to set up business in the EU and make a first step towards an EU citizenship.

After an extensive in-depth research into legal systems across the EU and combining all existing solutions in European business immigration, we have come up with a new business pathway that is founded on the HQA Visa in Portugal. HQA stands for Highly Qualified Activity and intends to support research-driven businesses in Portugal.

Suitable to immigrate with the whole family.

Our team of experts have successfully established relationships with local authorities and universities to make this solution work. The idea behind this immigration pathway is attraction of foreign entrepreneurs to Portugal who will be willing to fund local university research projects. This way, you will be eligible for the HQA Visa (which is a permanent residence), if you intend to set up a business in Portugal and contribute financially to a University-based research project from the profits of your business activity.

By setting up a business and having financial contributions to local research projects, you will demonstrate the Portuguese government your connection with Portugal, which will let you convert your HQA permanent residence into a citizenship in just 5 years.
What benefits will you get with HQA?
By starting a business in Portugal and getting an HQA Visa, you will get the following benefits:
Citizenship after 5 years

If you satisfy the language and sufficient connection with the country criteria.
Citizenship for you & your family members

Extends to your spouse, children and parents.
No need to be present

Being physically present in Portugal is not a requirement for your permanent residence.
Why get HQA with us?
  • Business Plan & Applications
    We will ensure that your application for HQA is successful by preparing all the necessary documents and preparing a provisional business plan for your research project. We will also assist you with obtaining your citizenship by satisfying all the relevant criteria through the HQA pathway.
  • Contacting Relevant Authorities
    We will help you conclude a contract with the university that will be the foundation of your application for HQA, since the research project in the university will be funded by your newly created business in Portugal.
  • Managing Your Business for 5 Years
    We will take care of your business, once it is registered, by managing it throughout the duration of the HQA. We can also assist with the business development of your firm by encouraging real economic activity in the business.
What are the next steps?
  • 1
    Business Set Up
    We will choose the business area for your project, prepare a provisional business plan and contact relevant authorities to conclude required contracts.
  • 2
    We will assist you with documents and applications for entry visas and permanent residence. We will also submit all the relevant documents and applications at the visa center.
  • 3
    We will take care of the application for citizenship at the end of year 5 and another permanent residence card renewal for another 2 years.
Interested in learning more about HQA (e.g. costs, process, eligibility) and getting an EU citizenship?
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