Are you 16-24 year old, looking to boost your career?
Good news! You are at the right place. Check out what we got for you!
You need to meet the following eligibility criteria to apply for a Traineeship:

  • you are aged 16 to 24
  • with education up to (and including) a Level 3 Qualification (not higher than that!) See full list of Level 3 Qualifications here.
  • unemployed OR working below 16 hours earning less than £350 per month
  • not in education
  • with little work experience or with work experience in a different field
  • not done a Traineeship before
  • are in England & have been living in England for the past 3 years
About Traineeships
The Traineeships are there to help you boost your career prospects!
Do you want to land a job but don't have much work experience or necessary education? Get on a Traineeship!
It will provide you with:
a meaningful work placement, FREE courses & a recommendation letter or an offer to stay at the company!
A Traineeship includes:
- work placement
- training in Employability skills,
English/Maths (if necessary) &
other courses relevant for the role
      Available roles:
      • Delivery driver
      • Waitressing / waitering
      • Retail assistant
      • Warehouse assistant
      • Admin assistant
      • Business assistant & Personal assistant
      • Sales & Marketing assistant
      • Customer service assistant
      • Online research assistant
      About Training
      All candidates will receive training in:
      Employability skills, Money Management (Level 1),
      Maths & English Functional Skills, Essential Digital Skills Level 1 (if needed),
      and Vocational training (Level 2)
      Business Administration
      Certificate issued:
      Level 2 Principles in Business Administration Certificate
      Customer Service
      Certificate issued:
      Level 2 Principles in Customer Service Certificate
      Digital Skills
      (Digital Marketing)
      Certificate issued:
      Level 2 Certificate in Digital Skills for Work
      Certificate issued:
      Level 2 Certificate in Customer Service in the Hospitality Industry
      Hospitality / Catering
      Certificate issued:
      Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health
      Teaching Assistant / Early Years
      Certificate issued:
      Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences
      Ok, so what's the min level of education I need to have?
      There is no limit to that. Although, if you have a GCSE-level education,
      that would be great.
      Will I get paid?
      Generally, trainees are not getting paid. But they receive free training, coaching, and certificates upon the completion of the courses!
      If I took part in the Kickstart programme can I do a Traineeship?
      Yes, if you do a traineeship in a different sector than your Kickstart placement.
      Do I need to be registered for the Universal Credit to apply?
      No, you don't. Also, if you do claim the UC, a Traineeship will not affect the benefits you receive.
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