Job searches, especially the ones involving a visa, require a considerable amount of time and effort on your part, not to mention the stress. Successful job applications are simply a matter of time, but the task is quite tricky. Through working together, we can guide you to cut down most of the long hours, reduce stress, and increase your chances of succeeding. Our focus will always be on you and your needs. We will accelerate the process of finding a job, without compromising your goals.
Suitable if you are:
Final year university student of the UK university, thinking about securing a job post graduation.
Recent university graduate in the UK, especially if you are on a UK student visa.
Young professional, thinking about changing employment or a career change. Especially if you are on a work visa.
Bear in mind that the course is tailored more to the current students on Tier 4 student visas.
Someone looking to relocate to the UK for work, but not sure where to start.
Do you need help?
Career Coaching
This is our all-around answer to your UK career worries.
What's it all about?
You will know how to successfully find and land job offers, now and in the future. On UK work visas as well. And get the skills you need to ace the job search process.

The package not only significantly accelerates the process of finding UK jobs but also helps you identify your career goals and fills in any gaps in your professional profile. Our team utilises market-beating tactics and strategic partnerships to help you land jobs. The package includes a visa consultation to help you overcome any potential visa issues, and remove as much stress as possible from the job application process.

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What's included?
You can find up-to-date information here

For our FULL SUPPORT option:

Our team will assist with finding job vacancies, reviewing your applications and preparing for all potential challenges (negotiating work visa included), native English proof-reading.

A minimum of 40 hours of our expertise designed to help you over a 3-6 month period; an accelerated route is available upon request.

  • CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn
Recrafted by professionals to make them truly stand out.

  • Negotiating your visa
We educate you about the key visas you can work on and equip you to be able to articulate clearly your visa needs to a prospective employer. Our Immigration Law Consultants are available on demand to represent your interests.

  • Job application strategy
We advice on where & how to look for jobs, especially given that you need a UK work visa. With us, you'll learn about strategies that work better than applying to 100s of jobs online.

● Job Application Tracker spreadsheet

To keep track of job search progress. Comes with all key job search sites, and Tier 5 trusted agencies list.

  • Adding value to your employer
Do you know how to bring in the new revenue and cut operational costs? We'll educate you how to make your employer want to keep you beyond probation/internship period (this service works best if you join a smaller firm)

  • Interview, Assessment Centre Skills Coaching & Online Tests
We'll help you to match your work experience with job competencies, and will ensure that you have plenty of excellent examples to convince your interviewer, with mock interviews & working though various tests you have to pass.

  • Expert guidance & support
Last, but not least - we are here for you, will help with all the challenges while you secure employment.

Please enquire to discuss your situation. Information about most common options is detailed here.

For a full career support package, 50% payment is pending on achieving the result you want; we discuss instalment payment plans on an individual basis.
UK Work Experience
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UK Work Experience is vital for securing permanent employment in the UK & progress with your professional development.
What's it all about?
This Work Experience Placement is right for anyone who is currently studying in the UK or wishing to obtain work experience. UK Work Experience is vital for securing permanent employment: the more experience you have in the UK, the easier the process will be.

And if you are looking to secure full-time employment afterwards, we can help with that as well.
What's included?
• An initial consultation including a review of your CV.
• Finding and arranging work experience with companies; aiming for 1 – 3 offers.
• Preparation for each arranged interview.
• We will be there to ensure everything is running smoothly & to facilitate your skills development.
• Optional consultation about immigration pathways (Tier 2 vs Tier 5 vs Startup/Innovator visas).
• Apply without any risk: if you do not like the available work experiences, you get a full refund (subject to agreed conditions).
• The work experience offered is unpaid by the default. If you are looking for a paid internship, we can help you apply for those via our Career Coaching service instead.
• Assistance with negotiating future employment post-internship is available.
For in-office internships:

  • You are currently a student in the UK university, holding a Tier 4 (General) student visa or similar.
  • You must pass our virtual interview.

For remote internships:

  • You only need to pass our virtual interview.
Programs available from £499, please enquire for specific pricing & work experience placements available.
Arrangement of an alternative work experience under extenuating circumstances is provided free of charge.
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    Our career mini-services
    Let us help you secure your future in the UK.
    Document review
    We provide in-depth feedback for your CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn profile or your portfolio.
    Submit for Review
    A consultation with us on a range of topics, lasting 30 minutes.

    Example: Your Career Options, Job Application Strategy, Mock Interview, Networking.

    Please note: this is not an immigration consultation.
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    Graduate CV Re-Done
    Your CV re-done & re-designed by us to show your experience in the best possible way for your chosen industry.

    Includes a fact-finding consultation & up to 2 revisions.

    Perfect if you got less than 3 years of experience.
    Upgrade your CV
    Custom Cover Letter
    Using our templates & experience, we will create a custom cover letter which will increase your chances of obtaining interviews.
    Includes a fact-finding consultation & up to 2 revisions.
    New Cover Letter
    LinkedIn Checklist + Interview Preparation
    A comprehensive summary of all you need to do with your LinkedIn & all the standard UK interview questions, and how to answer those.

    The perfect pairing.
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    Immigration Consultation
    A consultation with an OISC-qualified UK immigration lawyer, up to 1 hour.

    Discuss your visa situation, your immigraiton options.
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    Experienced CV Re-Done
    Perfect if you got 3+ years of experience.

    Your CV re-done & re-designed by us to show your experience in the best possible way for your chosen industry.

    Includes a fact-finding consultation & up to 2 revisions.
    Upgrade your CV
    Looking for something else?
    Please check out UK work experience options & our Career Coaching options.

    If you are looking for something different - get in touch with us!
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