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Finding the right talent as a startup, small or medium-sized business is a struggle. The top graduates always head for the large corporates, and sometimes you don't even have time or a budget to advertise for your role. Where do you find results-driven, ambitious graduates who will grow your business? Adequate interns that will aid you when you are short-handed?
Our service
We groom international graduates for match-making with startups & SMEs. This match-making service is similar to recruitment, with one stark difference - there are no corporate fees involved.
Bilinguals who managed to live & study abroad; they are sharp, clever, and hungry for commercial experience, focused on their professional development.
Minimal risk & cost. You can part ways before or during the internship, similar to a probation period. We want the match-making to be mutually-beneficial transparent partnerships, so you can always rely on us to help you mediate the situation if things get tricky.
Work visa arrangements involved. It may look like a disadvantage due to cost & some bureaucracy involved, but that actually implies that you gain an incredibly loyal workforce - as their visa is tied to your business, it is in their best interest to work proactively. In the age of digital nomads & ending of long-term employment because of employee infidelity, this is a perfect answer for this decade's employment challenges.
Not just graduates, but self-starting problem-solvers. They have the drive; we give them tools to become better professionals. That includes ensuring that they bring commercial success to your venture (implementing analytics, obtaining government funding etc.). Our interests are aligned to ensure that they bring immense value to you so that you would not want to let them go!
Did we mention that we work closely with a stellar Immigration law firm with affordable pricing & 100s of excellent (5*) reviews - ensuring smooth work visa arrangements.
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